Parents, you’re going to love us.

Alcohol-free housing. Zero hazing policy. Let’s face it, putting those two descriptors out there right off the bat tends to alleviate the majority of concerns parents have about allowing their son to join a fraternity. But the absence of negative influences is only a small part of the reason why parents love Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delts create a positive and encouraging “living laboratory” that empowers each brother to tap into his inner greatness and reach a higher potential than he could on his own.

On the top of a parent’s expectation for their son is academic performance. Excellence in academics is our top priority too. In fact, our commitment to academics begins at the recruitment stage by talking to young men with GPAs high above the campus average. And once these intelligent men are in the chapter, we make sure they have an environment conducive to studying and learning. This is where the alcohol-free housing comes in big time. By providing clean, quiet areas, Phi Delts develop consistent and efficient study habits. And to keep everyone on track, each chapter has a scholarship chairman and an academic adviser who oversee and maintain scholastic integrity.

Parents like that we instill in every brother the concept of accountability for every action. We are a values-based organization – chances are, the same type of values taught to their son at home – that emphasizes academic achievement, community service and an enriched and highly rewarding overall college experience filled with friendships that will last a lifetime.

Still not sure? See what our parent’s think…

Tracy Javellana – Mother of Austin Javellana

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the experiences my son, Austin, is having with Phi Delta Theta at Iowa State University. Iowa State has a very strong Greek community. Being a part of the fraternal life has helped him to continue to build his leadership skills both within the house and on campus. He has participated in numerous events within the Phi Delt community (lawn displays, lip-sync, Varieties, VEISHEA, Yell-Like-Hell, and Dance Marathon). This year the ISU chapter will be doing a total inside renovation, graciously supported by the Phi Delta Theta alumni. Their generosity attests to qualities of commitment, leadership and loyalty, which I believe are the most important qualities these young men take away from their Phi Delt life. However, if you ask Austin, I think he would say the best things to come from his experience is the quality of young men with whom he lives with, works with, studies with, and yes, has a lot of fun with. He is creating life-long memories with life-long friends.

I am not sure what else I could say. It is an honor and pleasure to be a Phi Delta Theta mom.

Amber Wright – Mother of Alec Wright

I have had nothing but positive impressions of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity ever since my son was considering joining the fraternity in the Spring of 2012. As the mother of an incoming freshman who had dones his research and had decided that pledging for a fraternity and living in their off campus housing would be the best option for him, I admit to being a bit apprehensive initially. Those concerns were quickly diminished when we visited the campus during orientation. The young men welcomed him to stay overnight in the house and answered all of my questions during a house tour. The thing that really stood out during that tour, and has resonated throughout Alec’s first year in the fraternity, is the genuine concern and support that the young men provide for each other. I have seen this time and time again this year as it relates to the personal and education success of my son and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am certain that Alec has experienced a higher level of success during his freshman year than he would have if he hadn’t made the decision to join Phi Delta Theta. The young men model high standards for personal and academic conduct and this has been such a positive influence for someone who is living away form home for the first time. I have seen so many positive changes in Alec as it relates to his maturity and sense of personal responsibility and I can tell from conversations with him that this is largely due to the expectations and role modeling that he receives from his fraternity brothers. There is no question that he has formed friendships that will last a lifetime ad I am so very thankful for the support he has received during his initial year of membership in Phi Delta Theta.

Donna Christensen-Mores – Mother of Jackson Mores

It’s hard to believe that my son, Jackson, is already in his junior year at Iowa State University and his third year as a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I truly believe that being a Phi Delt has not only allowed Jackson to embrace the Iowa State college experience, but also to excel at it, especially in the areas of academics, leadership, service, and friendship.

From the start, I have been impressed with the Phi Delta Theta commitment to academics. Not only are there mandatory study hours for pledges, but the GPA requirement to maintain chapter membership is higher than that required by Iowa State to be enrolled as a student. In addition, being an officer in the chapter requires an even higher GPA. These high standards for academics instill within members the importance of taking their classes seriously.

In terms of leadership, Phi Delta Theta provides vast opportunities for members to learn or expand their leadership skills. Whether its by serving as a chapter officer or leading campus organizations, you will find Phi Delts serving in many leadership capacities throughout Iowa State. In the area of service, Phi Delts have a passion for community service, including raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network through Dance Marathon, serving as Student Admissions Representatives, or helping others one-on-one. Phi Delts are committed to making a difference in the lives of others through volunteer service.

And, of course, friendship is really the hallmark of being a Phi Delt at Iowa State. Jackson has made life-long friendships with quality young men who support each other and have each other’s best interests at heart.

I am proud to be a Phi Delt mom!